Broderick Hunter joins the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast to share how cannabis helps him live a well life.

So, how does he do it?

Well, one way is by placing crystals in his weed container alongside his herb, he said.

He says the crystals bring good vibes to his flower, enhancing his intentions whenever he has consumes the plant.

Speaking of vibes, we also discuss Broderick’s therapy journey as an adult and the importance of taking time to self care as a Black man. The model and actor details realizing the importance of proper mental health care working in the entertainment industry. Now, he wants to help other men entering the industry to have therapy options through his online course. 

Meet Broderick

Broderick is an actor/model-multi-hyphenate from Fontana, California. He began his fashion career in 2011, best known for facing Ralph Lauren campaigns for several years before his acting debut on HBO award-winning TV show “Insecure” in 2018.

Now, he’s an Ebony 100 Influential Creator and a BET fashion “Icon.” He also offers an online masterclass titled, “Sell Your Look” to help talent find their individuality in the creative industry of social media and fashion advertisement.

We had a great time seshing together, y’all! (You definitely want to watch the interview on YouTube to see us take that massive DAB!)

Broderick shared great tips on best ways of self love and care with cannabis

Just a little note that I took away from our sesh: Broderick is amazing at rolling and he prefers glass tips over paper filters. Follow Broderick on IG @broderickhunter and access his “Sell Your Look” courses here:

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