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Consider Kush Queen CEO Olivia your guide to cannabis-infused lube and CBD bath bombs

Olivia Alexander is the founder and CEO of Kush Queen, a premier luxury lifestyle cannabis brand that launched in 2015. The Louisiana native joins the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast she opens up starting Kush Queen with the support of her mom and she reveals the challenges of starting a business in the cannabis industry as a woman.

Y’all know we had to get the tea on her game-changing Kush Queen bath bombs, which are still made by hand BTW, too.

Renowned for providing quality, innovative cannabis wellness and lifestyle products, I couldn’t have Olivia on the podcast without talking about the Kush Queen water-based infused lubricants and the importance of cannabis for women’s sexual pleasure.

For more Olivia follow her on IG @thelivalexander or @kushqueenshop 
Shop Kush Queen and try those divine bath bombs for yourself! Grab yourself a copy of Olivia’s book “The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Women.

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Olivia keeps it allllll the way 100 on this episode so just go ahead and grab your j then hit play.

Listen to episode 164 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring Olivia Alexander below.

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