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Mama Confession: I get real about smoking weed during postpartum and breastfeeding

This episode of the podcast is special because I am opening to you guys about things I haven’t shared about on the podcast in a long time.

For starters, I address a question I get asked often: Did I smoke weed during postpartum and breastfeeding? Yes, and I am confident weed is the reason I was able to breastfed my son for 25 months.

Truthfully, I never dreamed I would do extended breastfeeding, but cannabis made breastfeeding less annoying, painful and took away all my stresses. I ended up being stress-free with an abundant milk supply, a happy baby, and, most importantly, I was a happy mama. I couldn’t believe weed was able to help me so much during postpartum — it’s why I like to call weed the cure to postpartum!

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On this episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast:

  • I go into detail about my daughter’s speech delay and her amazing progress
  • Last year was one of the roughest years of my relationship, and I didn’t know if Jared and I would stay together. I get real about how I was able to forgive a dealbreaker and stay.
  • We don’t have a village in Los Angeles, and it has taken a toll on not only me but my family and relationship. I share how we’re actively working to change that.

Want to learn about how to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle as a pregnant or breastfeeding parent?

Then the BBM Breastfeeding And Cannabis Workshop and the Pregnancy And Cannabis Workshop is just for you! Shonitria spoke with expert panels on these important topics to answer frequently asked questions so that parents could make informed decisions about the plant during these important times in their lives. Weed is an option and these workshops will leave you with the confidence to make the decision that’s best for you when it comes to the plant. 

Listen to this episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast below.

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