This episode was originally posted in September 2020, but it’s packed with helpful, reliable information that you need to know about cannabis and pregnancy. Shonitria gathered a group of industry professionals to provide insight into an alarming study, which posed the following question:

Does smoking weed during pregnancy have a correlation to children born with autism?

A Nature Medicine study revealed findings that suggested a correlation between cannabis use in pregnancy and autism.

It wasn’t long before conversations began to run rampant about whether or not pregnant people should consume cananbis during pregnancy.

“Cannabis use during pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of autism in babies,” according to a Canadian study, published on August 10, 2020.

But we know this is information the study presented must be questioned.

I am mom who smoked weed while pregnant AND breastfeeding my second baby. My son is completely healthy physically, developmentally and emotionally. Reading this study left me with more questions and concerns than answers. While we appreciate that cannabis studies are finally being shared with the public, the title alone places fear at the forefront rather than being informative.

We are taking a deep dive into the study

It’s my hope that this conversation will serve as a resource for any woman seeking expert opinions about cannabis and pregnancy as a doctor, nurse, and fellow cannamom weigh in.

Kiera, the creator of the popular Cannabis and Parenthood along with Dr. Oga Obie, MD, and Sandra ”The Kush Nurse,” RN, join the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast to help break down this study and finally ease any concerns about cannabis use during pregnancy. Before listening to the episode, check out an article on the study below.

NBC News article:

Listen to the episode below of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast to get more answers about cannabis and pregnancy:

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