Grab your herb and spark up, boo! The Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast is back, and we’re talking about astrology with the lovely Kirah Tabourn.

She shares everything you need to know to get through the Venus retrograde which started on July 22 and will end on Sept. 3. Yep, it’s gonna be a long 40 days, but it’s not all bad! Trust me, you need this information.

Meet Kirah

Kirah has been an astrologist for over a decade and has many media features on her resume. But she is also a cannabis user. So naturally, Shonitria and Kirah spark up in this episode.

Watch the full sesh on YouTube right here.

And it’s not just you who thought it: Weed and astrology go so well together, and Kirah explains why. 

Learn about birth charts and why it’s good to know yours. Hint: You can use it for more than figuring out relationship pairings. Kirah explains how she uses her birth chart to navigate challenging times so she can have an idea of when this too shall truly pass.

Speaking of birth and stuff, Shonitria’s 35th birthday will be in September. And Kirah shared a HUGE gem about 23rd and 35th birthdays that honestly blew my mind. If you had a hard time during either of those years of your life, it is NOT a coincidence, and it happens to more people than you’d know.

I appreciate y’all so much and your patience as I have been going through this life transition of moving… solo episode coming soon to catch y’all up on what’s to come. Sending so much love and light!

Oh, and we end the episode with some very great advice from Kirah on how to survive Venus retrograde :).

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Listen to episode 184 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring Kirah below!

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