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Loriel is CEO & Founder of a cannabis brand that focuses on justice and social equity for those facing cannabis charges

Loriel founded 40 Tons after witnessing her friend get a soul crushing prison sentence Check out the full episode below!

Real Mom Stories: Ishmeet uses weed for her well being

Ishmeet is a first generation American born into family with a history of mental illness She credits weed for enriching her well being when pills weren’t enough. Blunt Blowin Mama connects with Ishmeet Kaur, the moms talk about mental illness and the value of plant medicine and fighting the [..]

This New Jersey based warrior cannamom is facing a legal battle after being unfairly targeted by local police officers

Angela is a mom of two who credits cannabis with saving her life Angela is a badass mom of two who uses cannabis every day for wellness. She’s an active member of her local New Jersey community and owns a pizzeria with her husband. This energetic mom of two [..]

Real Mom Stories: Shirley used to be anti-weed, now she uses cannabis every day to help relieve her chronic pain.

Once a naysayer, this mom of two now consumes cannabis multiple times a day Shirley isn’t your typical stoner mom. As a young girl she saw her best friends’ father get arrested and thrown in jail for marijuana possession. The experience caused Shirley to associate weed with crime, this [..]

Real Mom Stories: Crissy, a latina mom from Brooklyn says weed makes her more productive and creative

She finds quality cannabis even though she lives in a state where it isn’t legal yet Crissy is a latina mom and a true New Yorker who advocates for plant medicine over alcohol. Although bars and clubs have never been her scene, Crissy did find herself drinking alcohol and [..]

Real Mom Stories: Judy Yee left the corporate world and developed a thoughtfully crafted cannabis infused beverage empire

Low dose cannabis helped this mom in such a profound way, she knew she had to share what she was experiencing Judy is a cannamom and founder of the cannabis infused beverage brand K-Zen, which is the parent company of S*Shots and Mad Lilly. As someone who can’t smoke [..]

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