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Cannamom Roundtable: Weed is for your mental health and postpartum — here’s how to use it

We’re bringing back the Cannamom Roundtable! This time we’re talking about postpartum, life after baby gets here, and how cannabis helps. Weed and mental health is a conversation mamas don’t talk about enough. But let’s face it, weed helps with maintaining mama’s mental health. If you’re not sure how [..]


Cannamom Roundtable: Does weed hurt fertility & harm pregnancy?

Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate, I’m introducing the Cannamom Roundtable series. It’s a safe space for moms to gather and talk about how they use plant medicine for motherhood and wellness. (Scroll to the bottom to listen to the podcast episode.) Shonitria leads a conversation featuring moms from different [..]


Dr. Genester Wilson-King is an OB-GYN & she’s answering all your questions about cannabis

Ever wonder about cannabis for pregnancy, its impact on your fertility or using it for your menstrual cycle? Well, keep reading. We are kicking off the month with a conversation with an OB-GYN on how cannabis can help ladies be well. From our menstrual cycle to pregnancy to menopause, [..]


Broderick on Black men deserving self care, good weed & therapy

Broderick Hunter joins the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast to share how cannabis helps him live a well life. So, how does he do it? Well, one way is by placing crystals in his weed container alongside his herb, he said. He says the crystals bring good vibes to his [..]


Evelyn LaChapelle is a mom and she was sentenced to 87 months in prison for weed (420 Edition)

This 420 it’s important to remember: No one should be in jail for weed. In 2019, Evelyn LaChapelle came home after serving five years in North Carolina federal prison for depositing cannabis profits into her bank account. Before being sentenced to 87 months (about a little over seven years) [..]


A conversation with my baby daddy on me using cannabis pregnant and what it’s like being a cannadad

Jared joins this episode, where we have an honest Q&A based on questions y’all asked us! Plus, he gets real about life as a cannadad. So, before we go any further, here’s the tea: We recorded this podcast episode last year, in 2022, before we ultimately ended our romantic [..]

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