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What to do if CPS shows up and how to talk to doctors about weed a -conversation with Keira Fae

Shonitria talks about the importance of speaking positivity over your life and the people in it. I’m so happy to bring another “Stoner Mail” episode for y’all! Keira and I answer all the questions you want to know about cannabis consumption as a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, In this [..]


Does cannabis use during pregnancy cause emotional and behavioral dysfunctional in kids?

We connect with two board certified medical professionals to discuss this new alarming study On this week’s episode of Blunt Blowin’ Mama we analyze a new study on cannabis use in pregnancy that was published to the PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States [..]

A real conversation about pregnancy loss and abortion

Cannabis advocate Keira shares her pregnancy loss story Trigger warning: This episode and post contains content about pregnancy loss and abortion. Keira is a mom and an avid cannabis consumer. She created the site Cannabis and Parenthood to serve as a resource guide for parents seeking non bias information [..]

How to micro-dose magic mushrooms plus everything parents need to know about psychedelics (featuring Shelby and Madison of DoubleBlind magazine)

If you are interested in using psychedelics but don’t know where to start, this episode is for you Shelby and Madison of DoubleBlind magazine are back to chat about everything parents need to know about incorporating psychedelics into their lifestyle. The Blunt Blowin’ Mama audience had a ton of [..]

Dr. Rachel Knox on moms smoking weed, psychedelics, health equity & “sneaky” doctors who call CPS [REPLAY EPISODE]

Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA, is a certified Cannabinoid Medicine specialist. She chats about the importance of health equity and giving back to black and brown communities devastated by the War on Drugs. Dr. Knox calls other doctors “sneaky” who secretly write “drug user” in an expectant mom’s chart [..]

Loriel is CEO & Founder of cannabis brand 40 Tons which focuses on justice and social equity for those facing cannabis charges

Loriel founded 40 Tons after witnessing her friend get a soul crushing prison sentence Loriel is a wife and mom fighting for change after witnessing blatant prejudices in the justice system for people of color facing drug charges. 40 Tons was founded after her husband Anthony and their mutual [..]

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