Jared joins this episode, where we have an honest Q&A based on questions y’all asked us! Plus, he gets real about life as a cannadad.

So, before we go any further, here’s the tea:

We recorded this podcast episode last year, in 2022, before we ultimately ended our romantic relationship. I contemplated deleting this episode or just never releasing it. But I after lots of self reflection, I realized that in the moment we were speaking our truths and that deserves to be heard.

Meet Jared

If I’m being honest I think it’s so necessary to hear his take as a Black dad who smokes weed. And I’m happy to share that perspective on this episode of the podcast. The voices of cannadads are so important because happy, healed and well parents are the best. Jared shares some cannadad truths about how cannabis helps him as a dad and how he really felt about me using cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Speaking of breastfeeding and cannabis, here’s an episode you need to listen to with lactation consultant Evonne Smith where she details the most harm reductive ways to use the plant. I even learned a thing or two on this one.

We also get into how and why you should be using weed in the bedroom. And nope, it’s not just smoking it or even edibles. But sometimes it’s smoking it, too. We break it all down for y’all — hopefully it inspires you ;). If you want to dive deeper into sex and cannabis conversation, then take a peek at this steamy (and educational) workshop where I speak to CBD sex expert and registered nurse Erica.

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Listen to episode 178 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast below to hear about what it’s like being a cannadad and get some steamy weed and sex tips, too.

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