Zeba Blay is a writer who smokes weed. Aside from authoring bestselling book, “Carefree Black Girls,” Zeba speaks about the role of cannabis in her life and how she uses it for her mental health. She describes the evolution of her relationship with cannabis from being something she used to numb herself to it now being a tool in her mental health tool kit.

She’s on a journey of intention with her cannabis consumption and she’s been teaching herself more about how to use the plant to do internal work on herself. She also explains the role weed plays in her writing process.

Meet Zeba Blay

She also speaks on the importance of prioritizing yourself above your work. Your worth is not defined by your work, a kind message she shared. We also keke a bit about pop culture ‘tings like the Kardashians, and more — roll up with us and join our sesh!

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Learn more about Zeba Blay on episode 169 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast below. 

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