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We need to talk more about postpartum fog

Inner child healing is a major key to navigating not only adulthood but motherhood, too. Cynthia Perez, LCSW, joins the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast to discuss postpartum, inner child healing, ancestral trauma and how cannabis can help. Shonitria also shares her own experiences with postpartum fog after giving birth [..]


Shrooms helped me realize weed was a crutch that I was way too dependent on

Shrooms have been such a huge part of my healing. This is not the first time I have made this declaration because it’s true for me. Not only did tripping on shrooms help me heal and learn more about me but I really think it helped me see that [..]


Here’s the tea on being a cannamom with adult kids

Wendy is here to spill it hunni! Questions I get asked often: What about when the kids grow up, how will I handle the “weed talk”? Or will I smoke weed with my grown kids? While I think I have the answers, the fact of the matter is that [..]


You can have a soft life, sis, and weed can help

The Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast is BACK!!!! Thank you so much for your patience as I took a brief break from the podcast as I focused on my mental and emotional health. If you haven’t taken time to love on you, let this be a gentle reminder that you [..]


Weed for your mental health is an option

Zeba Blay is a writer who smokes weed. Aside from authoring bestselling book, “Carefree Black Girls,” Zeba speaks about the role of cannabis in her life and how she uses it for her mental health. She describes the evolution of her relationship with cannabis from being something she used [..]


Growing cannabis with kids at home & how to talk to them about it

Why is that as a woman you can’t call yourself attractive without facing backlash? Tammy aka “The Cannabis Cutie” talks about how she came up with her brand’s name and why she felt it important to call herself “cute.” So often as women we’re encourage to be silent, humble [..]

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