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 Cannabis law attorney Meital Manzuri  gives her insights and shares some valuable advice for parents to protect themselves

Meital Manzuri has been practicing law for over 15 years, and has found her niche in the cannabis and hemp world Blunt Blowin’ Mama goes right to the source to get the scoop on all the legalities behind cannabis regulation and what the future of legal weed looks like. [..]


Is smoking weed during pregnancy linked to autism in babies? A conversation. (Featuring Keira Fae, Dr. Oga & Sandra the Kush Nurse)

Although this episode was originally posted in September of 2020, it is so packed full of helpful, reliable information that we had to bring attention to it again. Hear from a group of industry professionals on their takeaways from this alarming study. Does smoking weed during pregnancy have a [..]

Weed & Wellness: Les Alfred shares her insights on how to live well and fully

Les created the Balanced Black Girl podcast to create visibility for the BIWOC trail blazing the wellness industry The newest episode in our Weed & Wellness series explores what wellness actually means from the lens of a black wellness content strategist. Les Alfred is no stranger to health based [..]

Weed & Wellness: Germani and Brittany are the authentically aligned homegirls we need.

In our new series we chat with The Black Girl Bravado podcast hosts to talk all things wellness with a side of weed We are kicking off part one of our Weed & Wellness series with Germani Manning and Brittany Lackey. The two are hosts of the honest, hilarious, [..]

The magical world of cannabis infused meals with Chef Nikki Steward

Chef Nikki is the creator of The High-End Affair, she believes consuming cannabis should be delicious Blunt Blowin’ Mama connects with the legendary queen of cooking with kush, Chef Nikki. She is a private celebrity chef and weed connoisseur who is known for her over the top, delicious cannabis [..]

A real conversation about pregnancy loss and abortion

Cannabis advocate Keira shares her pregnancy loss story Trigger warning: This episode and post contains content about pregnancy loss and abortion. Keira is a mom and an avid cannabis consumer. She created the site Cannabis and Parenthood to serve as a resource guide for parents seeking non bias information [..]

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