This week’s episode features Shanel Lindsay, the inventor of the Ardent FX, the perfect tool for making edibles discreetly.

Blunt Blowin’ Mama connects with the brilliant Shanel Lindsay, the founder of Ardent. The cannabis kitchen and wellness company hails its devices as all-in-one portable canna-kitchens. With Ardent, cannabis consumers can create their own edibles at home discreetly and odorlessly. The Ardent FX decarboxylator offers an elevated canna-cooking experience for folks of all skill levels. Ardent’s devices have been tested extensively and her team uses data to make sure the user experience is consistently optimal. 

Shanel’s medical journey with cannabis started when she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. She notes her diagnosis was before legalization in Massachusetts, where she resides. After researching the effects Tylenol and other pharmaceutical drugs could have on her body, she realized cannabis was her best treatment option. However, she was living in a prohibition state, which created significant hurdles when it came to access to her plant medicine.

In this episode:

  • We chat about the path to legalization in Massachusetts
  • The process Shanel went through inventing the first Ardent device
  • The importance of continued activism in the cannabis spaces
  • How to make your favorite edibles without fear of your landlord or neighbors knowing 

Shanel has dedicated her life to cannabis activism after being arrested for possession

In 2010, before adult use of cannabis was legalized in Massachusetts, Shanel was arrested for possession of marijuana in the amount of 14 grams. Not only was this situation scary, it was an eye-opener, as she experienced firsthand how BIPOC — like herself — were still being arrested for weed despite it being decriminalized.

The arrest left her wondering the possible ramifications it could have on her career.

Expecting to receive merely a ticket from the incident, she was shocked when the officers insisted on bringing her in. She knew advocating for her rights was the only way to receive a semblance of fair treatment. From then on she became an avid petitioner for marijuana legalization, while fighting for social equity for BIPOC in the cannabis industry.

Check out the full episode below!

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