This 420 it’s important to remember: No one should be in jail for weed.

In 2019, Evelyn LaChapelle came home after serving five years in North Carolina federal prison for depositing cannabis profits into her bank account.

Before being sentenced to 87 months (about a little over seven years) in federal prison, she was a mom enrolled at Loyola Marymount University in California. She smoked weed but never thought putting money into an account for her then-boyfriend would result in losing her freedom.

Meet Evelyn

While we celebrate 420, let’s talk about how this plant has been weaponized.

On 420, it’s important to remember this same plant was weaponized against Black and brown people for years. The effects can still be felt today.

Evelyn watched cannabis go legal in her home state and numerous other states while she served time for it. She spent five years in a North Carolina prison across the country from her friends, family and her young daughter.

Ever wonder what it’s like growing up with a mom who smokes weed? Sequoia gets real about her experience as the daughter of a cannamom.

Evelyn details the nuances of her release from prison, like she entered a drug rehab program in exchange for time off her initial seven year sentence. In the rehab program, she had to introduce herself as “addicted” to marijuana.

She said her incarceration was tough for her whole family, including her mother who would fly across the county to visit for 30 minutes. But she made the tough decision to not let her daughter visit her during her time in federal prison. Despite it all, Evelyn was able to turn her anger, frustration and passion into her business venture, 87 months and The Weed Lady. Follow Evelyn on Instagram @87months

Listen to episode 179 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring Evelyn LaChappelle.

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