Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate, I’m introducing the Cannamom Roundtable series. It’s a safe space for moms to gather and talk about how they use plant medicine for motherhood and wellness. (Scroll to the bottom to listen to the podcast episode.)

Shonitria leads a conversation featuring moms from different backgrounds and various stages of their motherhood journey for an open and honest discussion about weed for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, mental health, and self-care/love.

Meet the Cannamoms

Tammy Pettigrew (Follow Tammy: @thecannabiscutie), Ce Ce and Renee of Puff and Parlay (Follow Puff and Parlay: @puffandparlay), and Amber Dorsey (Follow Amber: @fromcarpools2cocktails) join the Roundtable to share their motherhood experiences and lend advice on how cannabis helped them during pregnancy and postpartum. 

From Left: Tammy and Amber both had their first kid in their early 20s while students in college.
From Left: Renee and Ce Ce of Puff and Parlay discuss their postpartum and fertility journeys with cannabis.

Ce Ce, one half of Puff and Parlay, opened up about the two year journey to conceive her son and giving birth to him at 40 years old. She talked about how she wished she would’ve tried weed during that time as it would’ve helped it with stress of fertility and trying to get pregnant.

While Renee detailed how cannabis helped her get through her postpartum depression after giving birth to her son. She said the plant helped her more than the medications her doctor prescribed her which is when she came to appreciate weed as medicine.

Then, perhaps one of the best gems arguably came from Amber. She explained that she had such a hard time getting back to herself after her first born that the second time around she decided to get help.

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Watch the full and uncut Roundtable conversation on YouTube here. (Don’t forget to subscribe to Blunt Blowin’ Mama’s YouTube channel!)

Tammy is a mom to two kids and we know she has no problem talking to her kids about cannabis. But when she first became a mom she was also new in her cannabis journey. She talks about becoming more comfortable with the plant and using it during pregnancy and postpartum.

The Cannamom Roundtable series will be available on all platforms the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast is streaming on (Apple, Spotify, Google Podcast, and Stitcher) and YouTube. 

Listen to episode 182 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring the Cannamom Roundtable below:

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