Julianna Rose wanted to blend her love of tarot and ganja, so she created the Four Twenty Tarot deck

This week on Blunt Blowin Mama we are talking with Julianna Rose. She is the creator of the Four Twenty Tarot Deck and a certified tarot reader. She conceptualized and illustrated the 78 card deck after realizing her love of tarot and weed could be blended. The Four Twenty Tarot deck is A first of its kinda cannabis themed tarot deck. Featuring bright illustrations and details of cannabis (and cannabis consumption) drawn within each card.

The card deck featured some super dope illustrations in a striking color scheme of greens, pinks, and black. A bonus feature of the deck that amplifies its uniqueness even more, is the presence of your very own fairy gnome guide. These guides are there to ensure that the user pulls the correct card each and every time. Julianna shares that she felt inspired to start using tarot when she became an entrepreneur and wanted more guidance from the universe when making decisions.

Once she started she fell in love and realized there wasn’t enough conversations about pulling tarot while using cannabis. She was met with criticism and skepticism by traditional tarot card readers who say the practice can’t be grounded if you’re stoned while pulling your cards. Julianna didn’t listen and produced the deck anyway. It has been so successful it was recently picked up by a publisher for national distribution.

If you’re interested in reading tarot Julianna encourages you to just take the leap and do your own thing. There is a stigma around reading tarot in some cultures. The truth is tarot is a tool that can help you move through life with more certainty and purpose. It is also a gateway to communicate more closely with the universe.

In this episode:

  • Shonitria shares her experiences using the Four Twenty Tarot deck the past few months and what she has learned
  • The ladies do a reading and interpret what’s in the cards regarding Blunt Blowin’ Mamas future
  • Julianna explains what some of the cards mean and the different nuances in how it can be applied in life
  • Julianna provides insights on the magic of reading tarot and the joy of adding cannabis into your readings’ ritual

Learning from Julianna about tarot and how we can blend our reading ritual with cannabis has been so fun and enlightening, you can purchase the Four Twenty Tarot deck on her website. For extra help she has a key that can help you understand your readings on a deeper level.

Check out the full episode now!

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