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The magical world of cannabis infused meals with Chef Nikki Steward

Chef Nikki is the creator of The High-End Affair, she believes consuming cannabis should be delicious Blunt Blowin’ Mama connects with the legendary queen of cooking with kush, Chef Nikki. She is a private celebrity chef and weed connoisseur who is known for her over the top, delicious cannabis [..]

Real Mom Stories: Judy Yee left the corporate world and developed a thoughtfully crafted cannabis infused beverage empire

Low dose cannabis helped this mom in such a profound way, she knew she had to share what she was experiencing Judy is a cannamom and founder of the cannabis infused beverage brand K-Zen, which is the parent company of S*Shots and Mad Lilly. As someone who can’t smoke [..]

Women in Cannabis: She makes the most addictive cannabis face oil (Featuring Gretchen of Kiskanu)

Gretchen is the woman behind one of California’s most exciting cannabis beauty brands, Kiskanu. She and her husband cultivate cannabis on a farm in Northern California. She opens up about the challenges and perks of being in the business of growing and selling weed products. (Sidenote: Kiskanu’s cannabis face [..]

Real Mom Stories: Meet Bianca. The High Society Mama founder is a mom who smokes weed.

Bianca is the founder of High Society Mama, where she wants to inspire other cannamoms. The mom has a 4-year-old son and she smokes weed. She discusses how she consumes cannabis with her husband and what they consume is usually based on what he’s growing or creating. For one [..]

Cannabis and Inclusion – Loving weed while being black (Featuring Mary Pryor and Deon Hawkins of Cannaclusive)

Mary Pryor, co-founder of Cannaclusive, speaks out on diversity in the cannabis industry, the importance of representation in companies, and why black and brown people should not hesitate to enter the cannabis industry. Deon Hawkins, the east coast lead at Cannaclusive, discusses her experiences being a black woman in [..]

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