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Rhavin is one of a handful of Black women dispensary owners in LA

Rhavin is the owner and operator of LA dispensary Sixty Four & Hope Melrose.

The Los Angeles native is also a mom and wife, who is a firm believer in the healing power of cannabis. She gets real about the challenging over two year social equity licensee process, while imperfect Rhavin emphasizes the need for social equity to allow BIPOC a shot at generational wealth via the cannabis industry.

She also admits she was uncertain about cannabis during pregnancy and postpartum due to lack of information but that never stopped her from the occasional shotgun from her husband. Rhavin is one of a handful of Black woman dispensary owners in Los Angeles, California, you want to get to know her and visit her shop the next time you’re in LA — buy your weed from a Black woman. 

On this episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast, we chat about:

  • Cannabis use during pregnancy and postpartum
  • The importance of social equity despite the flaws in existing programs
  • Rhavin shares a hilarious edible story!

Want to learn about how to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle as a pregnant or breastfeeding parent?

Then the BBM Breastfeeding And Cannabis Workshop and the Pregnancy And Cannabis Workshop is just for you! Shonitria spoke with expert panels on these important topics to answer frequently asked questions so that parents could make informed decisions about the plant during these important times in their lives. Weed is an option and these workshops will leave you with the confidence to make the decision that’s best for you when it comes to the plant. 

Order your flower from a Black woman on Sixty Four & Hope’s websitehttps://www.64andhope.com/

Follow Rhavin on IG: @bstaysbizzy

Follow Sixty Four & Hope on IG@sixtyfourandhope

Listen to this episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring Rhavin, owner of Sixty Four & Hope Melrose dispensary, below.

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