The Cannamom Roundtable is back, and this time we’re joined by Mikaela de la Myco and Angie Stocker! The mamas gathered for an intimate Roundtable discussion about their experiences with using cannabis and magic mushrooms.

We sesh and get honest about the following (Keep scrolling to listen to the full podcast episode):

  • How these sacred medicines help them through their motherhood journeys.
  • Kids and giving them plant medicine as a supplement
  • Talking to our kids about cannabis
  • What to do when you don’t feel supported as a mom using cannabis by family and friends (which unfortunately happens a lot)

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Meet the Cannamom Roundtable

Angie (left) is a comedian and married mom of two currently residing in Los Angeles, California, who is open about her cannabis use. She says that losing her more years ago, made her stop asking for permission from others and learn how to create firm boundaries. She tapped into these two practices when finding supportive friends who didn’t judge her for being a mom who smokes weed. Mikaela is similarly a California mom who is open about her use use of sacred medicines that includes cannabis, magic mushrooms and other herbs.

Mikaela shares how she talks to her son about her cannabis use by likening it to doing self-care breath work. She also shares breathing practices she uses with her toddler to help her center and ground himself. She believes that just by existing in a home with parents who believe in plant medicine that her son benefits tremendously because he has calm and patient caregivers.

And I got a little personal with the ladies at the Roundtable about my truly life-changing magic mushrooms trip in the South of France earlier this summer. It was a transformative journey that I know I will always carry with me because for the first time in my life, via shrooms, I was able to be fully present in the moment to really see just how beautiful my life is and love myself for who I am today. I drank my shroom tea, danced, journaled, listened to music and watched the waters of the Mediterranean Sea — it was magical. So much so, my story moved Mikaela deeply, almost to tears.

Watch the full conversation on YouTube.

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