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Weed & Wellness: Jessamyn Stanley gets candid on yoga, wellness, and most importantly, weed

Our Weed and Wellness Series continues with a conversation about the practice of Yoga with an expert On the newest episode from our Weed & Wellness series we get to connect with the vivacious, and hilarious Jessamyn Stanley. She is the cofounder of The Under Belly Yoga. She has [..]

Precious co-founded cannabis delivery service Roll Up Life while attending journalism school

In this week’s episode of Blunt Blown’ Mama we sit down with the innovative Precious Osaige-Erese Precious is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of cannabis delivery service and e-commerce shop Roll Up Life. New Jersey has only recently legalized weed recreationally. But Precious and her business partner started [..]

Julia used her entrepreneurial skills to create a sustainable self-sourced weed business

Building a successful business is no easy feat, when that business is in the cannabis industry it may seem next to impossible! Julia lets us in on how she has been able to navigate the ever-changing landscape of legal weed.  Aster Farms was born after a discussion between Julia [..]

Kimberly founded Frigg Beauty & Wellness to add a little magic to the self care experience

Blunt Blowin’ Mama chats with Kimberly Dillon the founder of Frigg, a cannabis-based skin and haircare company. Kimberly is a cannabis biz veteran and has worn several hats within the industry. She shares the details of the less talked about side of the cannabis industry and how she maintains [..]

Kendra and Rachael co-founded Mendi to be a trusted CBD product resource for athletes

Blunt Blowin’ Mama chats with Kendra and Rachael, the co-founders of Mendi, a CBD brand that focuses on creating products that can be used by athletes for recovery purposes. Kendra and Rachael, two of the cofounders of Mendi, speak on the importance of representation in the industry. Rachael speaks [..]

We’re talking all things psychedelics aka weed’s cousin! (Featuring Shelby and Madison of DoubleBlind magazine)

Shrooms, acid, molly, Ayahuasca, and more are classified as psychedelics. Shelby and Madison are the cofounders of psychedelic publication DoubleBlind magazine. Listen, throw all your previous beliefs away about psychedelics because these ladies really broke down everything everyone should know about trippin’. They also explained why it’s important to [..]

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