Amber is a California mom of two, a flatlay photography queen, and a cannabis creative director.

In this episode, Amber gets real about why it’s so important to talk to your kids about weed and to not hide it if you smoke it.

Meet Amber

Amber’s oldest child is not a kid anymore, she’s 21 years old, and Amber says they have great communication because she was always open with her. For those of y’all who want to hear from more moms with older or adult kids to glean some wisdom and guidance from their experiences — this is definitely the episode for you!

The tea on this episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t hide your cannabis use from your kids
  • How to talk to your kids about weed
  • Amber also discusses how she got her start with flat lay photography and creative directing in the cannabis industry=

Follow Amber on IG @fromcarpools2cocktails and @elevatedflatlay

Listen to episode 175 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring Amber below.

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