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Real Mom Stories: Shirley used to be anti-weed, now she uses cannabis every day to help relieve her chronic pain.

Once a naysayer, this mom of two now consumes cannabis multiple times a day Shirley isn’t your typical stoner mom. As a young girl she saw her best friends’ father get arrested and thrown in jail for marijuana possession. The experience caused Shirley to associate weed with crime, this [..]

Real Mom Stories: Crissy, a latina mom from Brooklyn says weed makes her more productive and creative

She finds quality cannabis even though she lives in a state where it isn’t legal yet Crissy is a latina mom and a true New Yorker who advocates for plant medicine over alcohol. Although bars and clubs have never been her scene, Crissy did find herself drinking alcohol and [..]

Real Mom Stories: MiMi is a military wife and mom who medicates with cannabis

This millennial mom uses cannabis and isn’t ashamed The stress of being a mom of three without a support system can be challenging. MiMi’s husband is in the military, because of his job establishing a strong community is tough. For many young parents’ having a ‘village’ to help raise [..]

Real Mom Stories: Paury is a single mom of 2 who believes weed for self-care is a must

This modern single mom raises her two boys, balances her career and maintains a social life by consuming cannabis This week Blunt Blowin’ Mama kicks off the Real Mom Stories series of the podcast with Paury. The single mom of two boys, ages 11 and 4, lives in the [..]

Evonne — a lactation consultant — answers breastfeeding cannamom’s burning questions

Evonne is board certified to help struggling breastfeeding parents’ find peace Blunt Blowin’ Mama chats with Evonne Smith, IBCLC, an expert lactation consultant, sleep consultant, and baby whisperer. As a newborn care specialist, Evonne has extensive experience in helping new parents tackle one of the most stressful parts of parenthood: [..]

Real Mom Stories: Taylor is a first time mom who uses cannabis to help process a traumatic birth experience

What started as a casual habit morphed into a tool to treat her mental health and heal from trauma Taylor is a mom originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but she currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana (a prohibition state) with her partner and son. Taylor and her partner smoke [..]

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