We’re bringing back the Cannamom Roundtable! This time we’re talking about postpartum, life after baby gets here, and how cannabis helps. Weed and mental health is a conversation mamas don’t talk about enough. But let’s face it, weed helps with maintaining mama’s mental health. If you’re not sure how then scroll down to the bottom to listen to the podcast and learn how.

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Get ready for a raw and unfiltered conversation about mental health and postpartum. A lot of women have postpartum depression after giving brith and do not know it — myself included. We get real about how cannabis was in postpartum healing. Despite the loneliness that often comes with motherhood, we share how smoking weed can help you find your people.

And how to use it as a tool to come back to yourself after the major life change that is motherhood.

Meet the Cannamom Roundtable

Wendy author of Why Mommy Gets High, Tammy aka The Cannabis Cutie, Amber aka FromCarpools2Cocktails, Renee and Ce Ce of Puff and Parlay join the Cannamom Roundtable series on the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast.

Weed can be used for your mental health

Wendy, Renee, and Tammy each breakdown why they ultimately decided to take cannabis instead of pills when it came to managing anxiety and depression after giving birth. Feelings of fogginess and sluggishness were shared experiences and the ladies said that with cannabis there are no harsh side effects like pharmaceuticals.

Watch us sesh and chat at the Cannamom Roundtable on YouTube.

Shonitria also details the moment she called her mom to ask for help during her postpartum period of healing. Which is one thing all the ladies agreed on: It’s OK to ask for help.

Listen to episode 183 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring the Cannamom Roundtable:

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