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Self love is smoking weed and unapologetically pouring into yourself

WowAshWow joins the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast to chat about weed, her music and the importance of self care. Lit up and join us as we sesh, kiki and literally laugh out loud. Ash dishes about her first time smoking weed and how she ended up getting uncontrollable giggles — who else has been there?

This was originally a TWO-HOUR long episode… yes, we were really vibin’ so roll up and enjoy :). 

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On this episode of the podcast:

  • Ash gets real about discovering that she needed to prioritize pouring into her own cup and loving herself in order to truly be successful as an entrepreneur and artist
  • She dishes on the Philly cannabis scene that she helped craft with her legacy canna business

Listen to episode 162 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring WowAshWow below.

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  1. Wowashwow Schools The Pop Formula With Hip-Hop/Pop Single “Class Enrollment” - New Music Weekly commented on February 5
    […] At age six, Wowashwow was writing her first original songs which quickly led to an early career as the lead guitarist, and singer, of punk rock band, “Rise from Ashes.”  This newfound fame evolved into a tour where she opened for The Ramones’ drummer, Marky Ramone, and recorded her first album under the direction of the iconic rock legend, Steve Albini.  At age 18, Wowashwow moved to NYC and discovered the underground hip hop and ballroom scene, heavily influencing her approach to songwriting, stage performance and overall lifestyle.  An activist in the Cannabis industry, she has been breaking the stigma of cannabis consumption, promoting her vision through music, social media and popular podcasts including the OG Potcast and Blunt Blowin’ Mama.  […] Reply

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