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BBM Ep. 76: She smoked weed pregnant to cure painful headaches (Featuring Jade of Ladies of Paradise)

Jade is the co-founder of the cannabis marketing company Ladies of Paradise, CBD hemp flower company Lady Jays, and she’s the mom of a one-year-old. She says she’s a good mom who just so happens to also smoke weed and use cannabis for medicine. She says she limited her [..]

BBM Ep. 75: Life as a Florida mom (of 7 kiddos) who smokes weed (Featuring Niyah)

As a doula and a mom, Niyah is a huge cannabis advocate for mamas. She gives tips on how to find the doula that’s best for you and shares her personal experiences with different doulas — one of which ghosted her during the birth. The mama says being mistreated [..]

BBM Ep. 74: High sex v. sober sex, the in-laws & how bae took longer to became daddy (Featuring Jared aka bae)

Bae is back on the podcast! This time we are answering your questions about high sex vs. sober sex (y’all are so nosey)… we spilled the tea. We also chat about Jared not arriving at parenthood at the same time as I did (which, for me, happened the moment [..]

BBM Ep. 73: Astrology, birth charts & weed (Featuring Adama)

The Virgo in me has always wanted to have a guest on the podcast to help me finally figure all this astrology stuff out. Join Adama as she breaks down why everyone should get a reading at least once a year, how to find an astrologist you trust and [..]

BBM Ep. 72: Nurse shares important things moms who smoke weed need to know (Featuring Sandra, RN, “The Kush Nurse”)

Sandra is a registered nurse, a cannabis advocate, and a mom. This is a must-listen episode for anyone with questions about cannabis and pregnancy, cannabis and breastfeeding/postpartum, how to talk to your doctor about weed, how to find a doctor who is open to cannabis patients, and so much [..]

BBM Ep. 71: Is smoking weed during pregnancy linked to autism in babies? (Featuring Keira Fae, Dr. Olga & Sandra the Kush Nurse)

Cannabis use during pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of autism in babies, according to a Canadian study, which was published on Aug. 10. As news of this study spread, so did the fears and concerns of many parents who began to wonder: Is it safe to smoke [..]

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