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Luna Perez says she medicates with cannabis because pharmaceutical pills make her feel like a zombie

Blunt Blowin' Mama connects with the vibrant Luna Perez to discuss cannabis culture and its effect on the content she creates.

Dr. Olga on everything moms need to know about cannabis and pregnancy

When it comes to mothers deciding whether or not to medicate with cannabis, Dr. Olga says mother knows best.

She created a career out of her passion for cannabis

Shonitria sits with Vibe Queen Syd, and talk all things cannabis. Including the plants growing visibility & popularity on social media and it’s medicinal and spiritual benefits. From TikTok challenges to social justice, we go into detail regarding what it means to be black and female in the world [..]


Representation matters, even in the cannabis industry Rihanna. If I’m being honest, it was @badgalriri who made me feel more comfortable and open about my cannabis use. She’s this beautiful and talented woman who shamelessly smokes (a whole lot of) weed. Her use of cannabis doesn’t deter her business [..]


The reason why smoking weed daily does not equate to dependence Control. I often talk about how much I love smoking weed which is very true. But I don’t think I talk about control and balance much. I ensure I always maintain control and balance with my use of [..]


Welcome to Blunt Blowin’ Mama Welcome to Blunt Blowin’ Mama! I’m the HBIC. I’m a millennial mom of a 3-year-old, and I’m currently involved in a very healthy and happy relationship of over 6 years with my dream man aka my daughter’s daddy. I live in sunny California where [..]

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