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Real Mom Stories: MiMi is a military wife and mom who medicates with cannabis

This millennial mom uses cannabis and isn’t ashamed The stress of being a mom of three without a support system can be challenging. MiMi’s husband is in the military, because of his job establishing a strong community is tough. For many young parents’ having a ‘village’ to help raise [..]

Real Mom Stories: Paury is a single mom of 2 who believes weed for self-care is a must

This modern single mom raises her two boys, balances her career and maintains a social life by consuming cannabis This week Blunt Blowin’ Mama kicks off the Real Mom Stories series of the podcast with Paury. The single mom of two boys, ages 11 and 4, lives in the [..]

R’Chelle helps cannabis brands get seen, tap into their potential, and scale their business

The cannabis industry is an ever evolving gray area, this brand strategist has the skills to help your cannabis brand This week on the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast we had the pleasure of chatting with a cannabis business optimization strategist. R’Chelle Mullins is a former educator, writer, and overall [..]

CBD bath bombs, massage oils and more — ways to use cannabis without smoking

Kush Queen is a wellness brand that understands you don’t have to inhale cannabis to feel its healing effects Verita Richardson was on the search for something that would get rid of her pain holistically. The former college athlete discovered using Kush Queen’s signature CBD bath bombs, which eliminated [..]

CBD Sex Expert Shani answers all your weed and sex questions

Shani and her husband own two erotic boutiques in the DMV area by the name of Harts Desires. Shani also owns and operates The Noir Leaf, a sensual CBD company. She was inspired to go to school for sex education after customers started coming to her with their personal sexual [..]

Evonne — a lactation consultant — answers breastfeeding cannamom’s burning questions

Evonne is board certified to help struggling breastfeeding parents’ find peace Blunt Blowin’ Mama chats with Evonne Smith, IBCLC, an expert lactation consultant, sleep consultant, and baby whisperer. As a newborn care specialist, Evonne has extensive experience in helping new parents tackle one of the most stressful parts of parenthood: [..]

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