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Michelle smokes weed & her husband Dustin supports her even though he doesn’t use cannabis, Couples & Weed Series

Michelle and Dustin are a married couple with two kids who say cannabis without a doubt helps their relationship.

After having kids, Michelle realized how important cannabis can be for her mental health. She has been smoking weed for years and Dustin does not smoke. He will rarely consume cannabis but he still supports his wife. Because he says he has witnessed firsthand the way cannabis has transformed Michelle’s life for the better.

We chat with Michelle and Dustin on this new episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast Couples & Weed series. Each Thursday for the Couples & Weed series, Shonitria chats with a new couple about the role cannabis plays in their relationship.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Consuming cannabis as a mom and during postpartum
  • How a non-cannabis consumer can support their cannabis consuming partner
  • Michelle shares how cannabis helped her become more intimate and vulnerable with her partner

Michelle also opens up about the stress of being a new mom in a new city with no immediate family or friends around to provide support. She says she struggled with her mental health during her early motherhood years and cannabis helped her tremendously. She did some research and started to figure out the products and brands that work best for her self care and wellness routines.

Dustin says he supports his wife’s cannabis consumption as much as possible because he wants his wife to be well. He’s serious, too. He says when he comes home from work that he makes sure to take over watching their two kids so that she can have a moment to herself to medicate with cannabis for her self care. Now, that’s love!

Listen to this episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast, Couples & Weed series featuring Dustin and Michelle below.

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