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Growing cannabis with kids at home & how to talk to them about it

Why is that as a woman you can’t call yourself attractive without facing backlash? Tammy aka “The Cannabis Cutie” talks about how she came up with her brand’s name and why she felt it important to call herself “cute.”

So often as women we’re encourage to be silent, humble and to downplay the best parts of ourselves which usually includes our intelligence and looks. When creating The Cannabis Cutie, Tammy says it was a public declaration of her own self love for what she accomplished and who she is, including her master degree level education and her good looks.

Meet The Cannabis Cutie

We also get into a really good conversation about overdosing on weed and what to do when you feel like you’re going to die after smoking too much or too high potency weed.

I brought this article by CNN, “Marijuana users nearly 25% more likely to need emergency care or hospitalization” that was published on June 27. It was a report on a recent study and honestly, we both agreed that yes cannabis users likely do make more hospital visits than a person who does not and it really all comes down to education and accessibility.

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We also talk about how cannabis helps her as a mom, and she shares how she likes to talk to her kids about the plant. Spoiler: She was growing the cannabis plant at home and used it as a teaching opportunity with her kids so they could see the plant up close and get a better understanding of how it grows.

She also reveals her honest thoughts ha about Instagram deactivating her account more than 9 times because she’s a cannabis educator and who is reporting her page in attempts to take it down

Learn more about The Cannabis Cutie on episode 166 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast below. 

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