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Erica Danielle is a nurse and author teaching how to pamper your yoni and soul with cannabis

We connect with Erica about the transformational impact weed has had on her life

On this week’s episode of Blunt Blowin’ Mama we sit down and connect with Erica Danielle, author of ‘”Woman’s Guide to A Delicious Life” and founder of “Cannanurseheal.” Erica shares what led her down the path of cannabis education and the inspiration for her book. As a nurse, Erica had several patients disclose they were medicating with weed. She felt it was her duty to provide them with helpful skills and education on consumption. She didn’t want to lead with shame and secrecy in regards to cannabis as often seen in the medical profession.

Next, came her idea of a business plan to educate other medical professionals on cannabis. The wife and mama confessed she originally felt ashamed of medicating with cannabis. But after careful research and reading stories of folks with similar ideas, she affirmed weed was a plant that could be used as a supplement. Erica incorporated cannabis into her daily self-care ritual more along with journaling and meditating.

Ultimately, this practice had a profound impact on her life. She was inspired to be more sexual and masturbate more, which resulted in her feeling more empowered than ever.

Erica believes in incorporating the three C’s for a more fulfilled and sensational life: Cannabis, Clitoral Stimulation & Calming of the Mind.

On this episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast Erica Danielle and Shonitria chat about:

  • Yoni steaming: What is it? Ways it can benefit your sexual health.
  • Talking with your kid about weed: The best way to do so and how to break the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption as a parent.
  • Erica’s additional offerings for those looking for guidance and support on their cannabis journey.
  • Why knowing your body and learning what it wants are the keys to a successful intimate relationship.

Trailblazers like Erica are truly changing the landscape of patient support in regards to cannabis. She’s also encouraging women to tap into their sensuality via self exploration and yoni rituals. To learn more about the sensual and sacred side of weed dive into an episode of Blunt Blowin’ Mama featuring rap priestess Lizzy Jeff. Lizzy likes to bless her cannabis and set intentions before she smokes it. Cannabis can be part of your life — it’s just a matter of learning how. And we got you!

Want to learn about how to incorporate cannabis into your lifestyle as a pregnant or breastfeeding parent?

Then the BBM Breastfeeding And Cannabis Workshop and the Pregnancy And Cannabis Workshop is just for you! Shonitria spoke with expert panels on these important topics to answer frequently asked questions so that parents could make informed decisions about the plant during these important times in their lives. Weed is an option and these workshops will leave you with the confidence to make the decision that’s best for you when it comes to the plant.

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