The cannabis influencer gets real about being a Black woman and mom in the cannabis industry

Popular cannabis influencer Tyler Therapy is back on the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast and she ain’t holding back! The California mom gets real about working in the cannabis industry as a Black woman and mom. When asked what her 3-year-old son knows about her smoking weed, she reveals that she doesn’t hide anything from him. He has smelled the cannabis plant before and he knows it to be his “mommy’s medicine.”

She teaches her son about yoga, meditation, and cannabis by letting him smell the plant and calling it her medicine. Tyler is open with her son about her smoking weed, and she wants him to educated about the many benefits of the cannabis plant.

While Tyler is very open about her cannabis consumption with her son, many folks don’t even know she’s a mom. Tyler laughs at this and shares that as her son gets older she learns more about how to be a more responsible consumer. But we don’t just talk about the babies on this episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast we also chat about:

  • How cannabis helped Tyler make it through a period of grief this year.
  • Talking to kids about cannabis
  • How to navigate the cannabis industry and grow your influence

Confession: Shonitria and Tyler smoked hella weed this episode — we was high, y’all :). 

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