Amanya and Janice are very open about the benefits of weed and pregnancy.

These mamas are passionate about cannabis and how it helps them to be not only better parents but better women. Together, the friends created Women.Weed.WiFi, which is a collective that focuses on connecting folks and sharing knowledge in regards to how plant medicine can heal, create and grow every aspect of your wellbeing.

The duo started out as friends before founding Women.Weed.Wifi, which has been going strong for over six years. They want to spread the word to as many people as possible how cannabis can be a healing plant good good for overall wellbeing. They’re also open about how cannabis helped them both during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They stress the importance of intentional consumption during pregnancy. They both claim cannabis was able to help them ease through pregnancy and express no regrets choosing plant medicine.

The ladies also chat about how weed helped them during breastfeeding. Amanya said weed may have helped her produce more milk because it helped her feel more relaxed.

P.S. Janice and Amanya say you should smoke weed when you meditate or stretch.

These mamas want to spread the good word to everyone that weed is just a medicine that when utilized properly can be the key to a well life.

Become part of the Women.Weed.Wifi community: @womenweedwifi OR

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Listen below to the full episode of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring Amanya and Janice of Women.Weed.WiFi.

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