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How Koala Puffs has created a successful, profitable cannabis brand by being herself

In this special edition of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama Podcast we sit down and sesh with the one and only Koala Puffs.

Koala Puffs is an influencer, advocate, and cannabis brand magnate. She discovered the healing power of weed after struggling with appetite issues growing up. “Growing up i just never had an appetite.” explains Koala Puffs. So when she first experienced the munchies after a post smoke experience it was a new and amazing feeling. Ever since then the veteran smoker has been about that cannabis life.

Koala Puffs says the best way to get into the industry is to create your own path. The 27yr old recalls what inspired her to start smoking weed on the internet. She mentions that nobody else was doing it at the time, and she was kinda lonely so she took to Instagram and started making smoking videos. The only problem she faced in the beginning was separating her real profile and creating a new one with a pseudonym so the clients at her job wouldn’t find her and be offended. Thus, her cannabis brand Koala Puffs was born.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, you can’t wait for the opportunities to come to you, you must go after what you want

As an influencer, Koala Puffs never waited for opportunities to find her. When she saw a brand she was interested in, she slid into those DMS and pitched her services directly.

Establishing a successful cannabis brand can be a challenge Koala Puffs shares what she’s learned:

  • offer to review their product, and suggest they offer you a promo code to share with your followers 
  • track how many of your followers are using the discount 
  • establish a tracking link with no expiration to create a traffic footprint
  • use that data to bolster your brand 
  • be authentic, make sure you’re being yourself and that you’re doing things in a way that is unique to your brand. 

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In addition to her merchandise, events, and online content, Koala Puffs is also a founder of Koality a wholesale flower company that is available in California and Washington. We don’t leave social equity off the table with this conversation either! Koala Puffs shares that she has worked to educate herself on her privilege and is consistently working to identify ways she can help to dismantle systems of oppression. One of the ways she is giving back is by having 5% of all her cannabis sales go to the Last Prisoner Project. She is also intentional about featuring cannabis influencers of color on her page. She is a true self made weed mogul, who has built herself in a way that is aligned to her spirit. Koala Puff mentions that Greatest risks come with the greatest rewards, and she has really been living that truth.

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Listen to the full Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast episode featuring Koala Puffs below!

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