Les created the Balanced Black Girl podcast to create visibility for the BIWOC trail blazing the wellness industry

The newest episode in our Weed & Wellness series explores what wellness actually means from the lens of a black wellness content strategist. Les Alfred is no stranger to health based living. She is a former athlete turned personal trainer who has always prioritized getting out and getting movement. This black millennial doesn’t only prioritize her physical wellbeing.

She understands the importance of emotional and spiritual wellness, and has dedicated her life to living fully and well. When sharing her story with Blunt Blowin’ Mama, Les explains what brought her to wellness. After experiencing burnout and fatigue from sitting 8+ hours each day at her 9-5 Les quickly came to the conclusion that she needed to make changes in her life to combat the sedentary office lifestyle. So, she got her personal training certification and upped her hydration. Once she noticed the improvement in the way she felt with those changes a catalyst was occurred leading her to where she is today.

Finding diverse resources to live well can be a challenge, the Balanced Black Girl Podcast is here to help

There is a common misconception that wellness and holistic living is only something non-BIPOC people prioritize. Les summarizes it perfectly “The problem isn’t that there are no black wellness ‘gurus’, the issue is visibility.” All people deserve to live well, and black women have been practicing alternative wellness techniques for generations.

On the Balanced Black Girl Podcast, listeners can expect to learn actionable wellness advice, with relatable guests. Examples of what you can expect to hear; what following your intuition looks like, setting boundaries, as well as how to create sustainable wellness practices. Lastly the ladies chat about cannabis and its place in the wellness conversation, social equity and ponder if we will soon see our favorite wellness professionals share more about their cannabis journeys.

In this episode we talk:

  • How to establish a wellness routine
  • Integrating cannabis into your health practices
  • How we can increase the representation of black folks in the wellness space
  • Useful tools for living fully, and living well

Episode Highlights:

  • Les shares the story of her turning point and devotion to the pursuit of living well
  • The ladies chat about the awkward ‘black square’ wave of June 2020 and what that meant for the Balanced Black Girl Platform
  • Les shares her favorite CBD brands and the methods she uses for consumption
  • Starting your wellness routine with small consistent changes rather than trying to go full on immediately

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