In our new series we chat with The Black Girl Bravado podcast hosts to talk all things wellness with a side of weed

We are kicking off part one of our Weed & Wellness series with Germani Manning and Brittany Lackey. The two are hosts of the honest, hilarious, and highly relatable podcast, The Black Girl Bravado. Not only do they vibe as podcast cohosts, they are also real life best friends of over 10 years. An instant chemistry occurred between the pair after joining the same sorority in college. Germani describes their friendship as a reunification of two souls connected in a past life. With their organic conversational flow, and transparent storytelling Germani and Brittany have a unique way of connecting with their audience. Rather than speaking on what others should or should not be doing on their journey to fulfillment, the ladies travel (and at times stumble) on that path alongside their listeners.

These two soul sisters are out here shaking up the wellness industry with candor and authenticity

The Black Girl Bravado podcast didn’t start out to be something big but it evolved. The pair are now 5 years and over 1 million downloads in. When sharing the secret to their success Germani and Brittany stress the timeliness of their content, and the devotion it took to get their podcast to where it is now. When The Black Girl Bravado brand was still being developed Germani and Brittany easily identified a need. When it came to self-care, health, wellness, spirituality, and entrepreneurship there was a serious lack of diverse perspective, especially from the lens of black women. As homegirls they regularly chatted about these topics amongst themselves. This cohesiveness has created a natural flow of timely content.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to make new friends and be a better friend in your current friendships
  • What it takes to launch and maintain a successful, engaging podcast
  • The value of showing up as your most authentic self
  • What it means to live abundantly, the power of opening yourself up to blessings, plus more!

Episode Highlights:

The besties say the secret to a long friendship is effort and committing to grow together

As a society there is a ton of focus on the effort it takes to keep a romantic partnership together. Rarely do you see that same amount of effort put on your platonic friendships. After being friends for a decade Germani and Brittany share the truth about friendships, you have to pour into them too!

Create your own table if there isn’t room

There is room for all of us, as black women in a space that has historically been mostly white Germani and Brittany didn’t see many people who looks liked them represented. So they created their own thing.

Wellness and Self-Care look different for everyone

Some days self-care will look like a gym visit and healthy meals. Other days it may look like a smoke sesh, some wine, and dancing with friends. Both cohosts believe that moderation and grace are key.

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Kick back, soak in some laughs and soulful moments with these two black queens on the latest episode of Blunt Blowin’ Mama below.

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