Cannabis advocate Keira shares her pregnancy loss story

Trigger warning: This episode and post contains content about pregnancy loss and abortion.

Keira is a mom and an avid cannabis consumer. She created the site Cannabis and Parenthood to serve as a resource guide for parents seeking non bias information regarding their questions around weed. She is also included in the 10-15 percent of women who have had a pregnancy end in miscarriage. In Keira’s case she was faced with two impossible choices. Nothing prepares you for a loss. Keira is finally ready to share her miscarriage and surgical abortion story.

Keira and her daughter

For many women the loneliness of the pandemic was compounded by miscarriages and/or abortions. Keira started  experiencing significant bleeding during the early stages of her second pregnancy and rushed to the ER for assistance. The medical team informed her that she was having a delayed miscarriage. Meaning; even if the miscarriage didn’t happen that day, it was imminent. They recommended she see her OBGYN to get their guidance. Unfortunately her OBGYN told her the same thing, she had the option of trying to carry the baby to term [ which would most likely result in her losing the baby in the second or third trimester] or having a surgical abortion.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Keira chose the latter of the two choices. Due to Covid-19, she couldn’t have the procedure done for 13 more days. Keira describes the feeling of having to continue carrying her baby for those 13 days knowing they were dying inside her as intense and lonely. As women we live in a society where speaking on situations regarding fertility (or lack there of) as well as pregnancy loss and abortion is considered taboo. This leaves many women feeling inadequate and isolated. Keira is actively working against that narrative by sharing her story, she hopes to inspire others to feel safe sharing as much as they feel comfortable without the fear of shame.

Cannabis has been an integral aspect of Keira’s grieving process. Therapeutic weed use isn’t always rainbows and peace. Cannabis can be a medicine used to process serious emotional baggage as well. 

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