Loriel founded 40 Tons after witnessing her friend get a soul crushing prison sentence

Loriel is a wife and mom fighting for change after witnessing blatant prejudices in the justice system for people of color facing drug charges. 40 Tons was founded after her husband Anthony and their mutual friend Corvain Cooper were charged for their parts in an illegal cannabis operation. Loriel knew there would be a battle, but had not anticipated the war to come.

The ambitious mom of three wasn’t aware of how deep the wounds of racial prejudice would run. Her husband, who is a white man received 4 years for his part in the conspiracy, while their friend Corvain, who is black received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. This  blatant miscarriage of justice fueled the mom of three to strategize and petition for Corvain’s freedom. After three failed appeals, the work of Loriel and the 40 Tons brand finally paid off. Corvain received a presidential pardon, and was officially a free man. 40 Tons is dedicated to directly supporting those affected by the unjust prison sentencing for non violent cannabis offenders.

Loriel also shares what it is like to parent children who are aware of that their parents have been involved in a legal battle regarding weed. Loriel’s oldest son has tourette syndrome and decided to pursue alternative medicine after being prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that were making him feel unlike himself. The western medical industry profits off of people becoming reliant on pills, but Loriel encourages the curious to explore alternative options if possible. As a mom Loriel stresses how important it is to let your kids get to know you as a person, she has a very hands on approach to parenting and makes sure to discuss important topics with her kids with transparency.

Check out the full episode below to learn more about the 40 Tons origin story and more!

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