Ishmeet is a first generation Indian American born into family with a history of mental illness

She credits weed for enriching her well being when pills weren’t enough. Blunt Blowin Mama connects with Ishmeet Kaur, the moms talk about mental illness and the value of plant medicine and fighting the stigma associated with weed. The 24-year-old mom of one credits weed with saving her life. She used cannabis in recovery from a life changing suicide attempt. Being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder as a preteen resulted in her being heavily medicated on prescription drugs.

Unlike her parents, Ishmeet knew there had to be alternatives to the mind numbing pharmaceutical pills she was prescribed. In addition to trying to reason with her parents, the young mom also lost a few friends when she shared that she uses cannabis. Ishmeet’s family is originally from India and identify as Punjabi. She works as an agent for the real estate agency her father owns. She shared that her family’s views on cannabis were always negative. In their opinion, any person who smoked weed was just lazy and professionally unsuccessful.

The young academic took a research based approach to her cannabis consumption

Ishmeet has always been an informed cannabis consumer. She believes her thoughtful approach to the cannabis plant ensures she can continue to be a present parent while also prioritizing her well being.

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