The New Jersey mom of two who credits cannabis with saving her life

Angela uses cannabis every day for wellness. She’s an active member of her local New Jersey community and owns a pizzeria with her husband. In addition to running a business and being a mom, Angela founded a social club to celebrate and engage her local network of medical cannabis consumers.

Herban Canna Co is a social community concept with an emphasis on welcoming the local network of cannabis creatives. Angela says one of the reasons she created Herban is because she believes cannabis should be accessible to everyone.

She’s facing a battle with local police after being unfairly targeted

Angela says her legal troubles started not too long after she began hosting member events. Her aim was to create a safe space where people could have open conversations about cannabis.

Unfortunately, she suspects someone in her community did not like her cannabis activism.

She was subjected to a local New Jersey police raid, where they confiscated her medicine and charged her with several felonies in relation to cannabis possession. Throughout this legal process, Angela says she’s learned a lot about self-advocacy. Now, she is even more vocal about her opposition to marijuana policing and will keep sharing her experience with others in hopes that it will help another woman or mom. 

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