Once a naysayer, this mom of two now consumes cannabis multiple times a day

Shirley isn’t your typical stoner mom. As a young girl she saw her best friends’ father get arrested and thrown in jail for marijuana possession. The experience caused Shirley to associate weed with crime, this point of view stuck with her well into adulthood.

Shirley grew up in the countryside, in Champagne County Illinois. Recreational drug use was never something that was considered an option in her close knit family. Her siblings had their experiences with recreational drugs but Shirley never dabbled outside of one smoke sesh that left her feeling certain she did not like weed.

Once she moved out and started dating her future husband Shirley found herself to be more tolerant of her partner using weed (as long as it was outside of their apt) as the years went on neither Shirley or her husband considered themselves to be weed advocates.

After birthing her second daughter, Shirley noticed something was off with the way her body was functioning. She was experiencing random as well as chronic pains with seemingly no cause. After months of doctors appts she was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a chronic health condition that involves widespread pain throughout your body, tenderness in certain areas, and fatigue.

The normal route fo treatment involves Opiates, this made the mom of two very uneasy due to her needing to care for her two young children. Because of her concerns Shirley sought after a second opinion, this new doctor recommended that she try cannabis to curb her symptoms. He referred her to a doctor that could get her a medical card. Once she received her medical marijuana card Shirley visited her local dispensary.

Shirly didn’t quite know what she needed but explained her issues with chronic pain to the bud tenders. They guided her to use Rick Sampson Oil, a form of cannabis that is excellent for managing chronic pain. After using cannabis for a bit it was clear to this mom that weed is medicine. Not only did it curb her chronic pain, using weed improved her feelings of stress and anxiety as well.

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