After Crissy discovered weed, the Latina mom never looked back.

Now, she consumes cannabis daily and she isn’t ashamed either. When it comes to getting her weed Crissy emphasizes the value of having a good connect. The latina mom said she can usually tell them what she enjoys and can depend on getting that quality again from the same source.

This Latina mom smokes weed and doesn’t really care what you think

Blunt Blowin’ Mama and Crissy chat about the stigma associated with smoking weed. When asked about what she does when people question her decision to consume cannabis, the young Latina mom doesn’t mince words. She shares that it’s really none of their business, she knows how weed helps her mental and emotional health and that is all that matters.

Although the Latina mom advocates for consuming cannabis Crissy did not smoke weed very often during pregnancy. The reasoning behind this was out of respect to her partner. There are many cases where a significant other does not feel comfortable with their pregnant partner consuming weed. This is due to a lack of information in general on the effect of cannabis on a baby in the womb. As moms who smoke weed it is important for us to have unbiased, accurate information available for those searching for answers. With the Mama’s Stash VIP Membership experience you will have access to expert advice from trusted resources that have been vetted by Blunt Blowin’ Mama herself. You will also gain access to a community of cannamoms who have your back. Click here to Check out membership details.

Check out the full episode below to hear about Crissy’s unexpected birth story, her favorite ways to consume cannabis, and tips she has for newbies below!

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