Low dose cannabis helped this mom in such a profound way, she knew she had to share what she was experiencing

Judy is a cannamom and founder of the cannabis infused beverage brand K-Zen, which is the parent company of S*Shots and Mad Lilly. As someone who can’t smoke or inhale cannabis due to asthma, Judy wanted to experience the benefits of cannabis without sacrificing her health. She found that consuming cannabis via edibles and drinks provided her with the therapeutic effect she was looking for. Mad Lilly allows those looking for a light, tasty beverage to partake in “happy hour” without feeling lethargic and uninspired the next day.

As the child of Chinese immigrants Judy did not grow up in a household where experimenting with weed was an option. This resulted in Judy not trying cannabis well into adulthood. As someone who didn’t consume cannabis until she was older, it was obvious that Judy’s priorities were not to use weed to get super stoned or party. In addition to being an avid runner, Judy has been intentional about living a life with balance as an example for her daughter.

Judy identified a need for approachable realistic marketing toward women in the weed industry

Women are a steadily growing demographic of cannabis consumers. They make up about 33% of adult consumers and that number is consistently rising. This is significant because women shop for weed in a different way in comparison to men. Women are more likely to consume cannabis infused beverages, outside of standard flower smoking and vaping. This is where magical infused drinks like Mad Lilly and S*SHOTS take center stage.

This entrepreneur has used her expertise working in the food and beverage industry to leverage a unique opportunity, by speaking to the needs of women consumers. When it comes to fighting stigma, Judy shares that her own internal narrative was challenging when it came to sharing that she consumed cannabis with other parents at her daughters’ school. Once she shared she was a cannabis user with her peers, this cannamom was surprised by their curiosity and excitement rather than judgement.

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