This millennial mom uses cannabis and isn’t ashamed

The stress of being a mom of three without a support system can be challenging. MiMi’s husband is in the military, because of his job establishing a strong community is tough. For many young parents’ having a ‘village’ to help raise their children is priceless. Being a mom who smokes cannabis can be especially lonely when there aren’t many resources in the world with unbiased advice. Although she lives in a state where recreational weed is not yet legal, MiMi has obtained a reliable cannabis connect with great customer service. She knows she can trust the source and hasn’t been sold anything but top notch bud.

As a cannamom MiMi feels supported and understood by those closest to her

When speaking with Blunt Blowin’ Mama about her upbringing MiMi gushes over the excellent job her parents did raising her. She is an only child and received trust, as well as support and guidance from her mom & dad. MiMi’s mom knows of her love for weed and encourages her daughter to follow her intuition. While her husband is unable to partake due to his military service he encourages MiMi to smoke whenever she needs to. (now that is love!)

MiMi has three children and experienced complications during each of her pregnancies/births. MiMi didn’t even consider using cannabis to manage her pain postpartum. In the past, it was challenging for this mom to find reliable references for her questions about weed and breastfeeding. Mimi found herself ‘pumping and dumping’ because she didn’t know the effects, if any that weed could have on her babies. After her last child Mimi decided she felt comfortable enough to breastfeed while she still consumed cannabis without guilt. Baby girl is as bright as can be and radiates big Capricorn energy.

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