This modern single mom raises her two boys, balances her career and maintains a social life by consuming cannabis

This week Blunt Blowin’ Mama kicks off the Real Mom Stories series of the podcast with Paury. The single mom of two boys, ages 11 and 4, lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Paury has always considered herself to be an independent and responsible cannabis consumer. She has her medical card and regularly purchases from her state’s dispensaries. She also on occasion purchases infused foods from local bakers.

Growing up, Paury lived with her grandparents through high school before heading off to college. She started experimenting with cannabis while living on campus as a college student. She also shares a story about buying cannabis from the legacy market and tips to make sure you get what you pay for as a cannabis consumer in an unregulated state.

Cannabis has provided this single mom with clarity, better preparing her to navigate coparenting

As the years rolled on, Paury began to find a groove as a co-parent with her sons’ dads. However, the beginning was tough and resulted in some challenging experiences. The advice she has for parents new to the coparenting dynamic: communication with documentation so that you both can be held accountable, and to stick to your self care plan. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Listen to the latest episode to hear from this real mom about her first time smoking weed, hear her take on why cannabis is self care, the advice she has for new weed smokers, and more below!

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