The cannabis industry is an ever evolving gray area, this brand strategist has the skills to help your cannabis brand

This week on the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast we had the pleasure of chatting with a cannabis business optimization strategist. R’Chelle Mullins is a former educator, writer, and overall baddie when it comes to helping business owners optimize their cannabis brands.

When discussing the ways her consulting helps optimize a client’s cannabis brand R’Chelle doesn’t mince words. This black femme believes that transparency is integral in helping folks increase revenue and build a strong foundation. The journey to success is littered with challenges, a big component to entrepreneurship is being able to recognize when you need assistance. R’Chelle helps scope your cannabis brand’s needs and provides business owners in the cannabis industry with strategies that ensure sustainable profitability.

As Chief Strategy Officer R’Chelle shares her top 3 recommendations for a cannabusiness to increase profitability:

1.) Enable multiple entry points for a consumer to engage with your content and product– While Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have been excellent ways to create brand visibility for some. This industry expert recommends building a marketing blueprint outside of just social channels. Establishing a web domain, and funnel strategy are a couple of ways to generate revenue without having to rely on beating an algorithm.

2.) Track your cannabusinesses’ success using metrics– to generate profit, decisions must be data driven. Establish baselines for success. Set up a timeline to track and review the data. This should be on a month to month, quarter by quarter basis.

3.) Invest in your business– As an entrepreneur you wear many hats, but to ensure stability and sanity you cannot wear all the hats. Utilize project management tools. Set up your merchant store with reliable platforms, and don’t forget to enable automation programs to work smarter.

R’Chelle stresses the importance of spending money to make money, invest in yourself and the return will be two fold.

As a business owner herself R’Chelle has plenty of experience when it comes to scaling for success. If your canabusiness has grown to a several person job, hire the team you need to do the work. Once you find a person or service that fits your needs, follow through and hire them! Avoiding burnout is a key to entrepreneurship success.

Lessons are learned as your brand’s story evolves, invest in trainings and courses to optimize and refine your business strategy.

R’Chelle is not only a canna brands best resource for success, home girl also partakes in consuming cannabis as well! When discussing her favorite strains, R’Chelle will forever adore Blue Dream. She says some of her best ideas come after smoking this sativa dominant hybrid.

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