Kush Queen is a wellness brand that understands you don’t have to inhale cannabis to feel its healing effects

Verita Richardson was on the search for something that would get rid of her pain holistically. The former college athlete discovered using Kush Queen’s signature CBD bath bombs, which eliminated the pain and discomfort she was feeling.

From devoted customer to full-time employee, Verita now works with the inimitable Kush Queen (founded by the fabulous Olivia Alexander). Her goal, alongside that of Kush Queen, is to raise awareness that cannabis and hemp CBD elevates any self-care ritual. Another important aspect of Kush Queen’s business is giving back to the community and ensuring its products are accessible and contain only high-quality ingredients.

Two transformative top-rated Kush Queen products you need now:

The iconic signature CBD Bath Bombs are great for aches and pains, as well as easing tension in the muscles. It helps to create a luxurious and relaxing bath experience. Verita even dropped a gem: You don’t need a bath to use bath bombs. She says one of her favorite ways to use Kush Queen’s bath bombs is to crush it up on the floor of her shower to still get the aromatic effects. Don’t want to use it in the shower? No problem. Verita shared that KQ’s bath bombs work wonders for a healing foot soak, too.

Verita strongly recommends following up any Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb experience with Kush Queen Melt CBD Lotion. This nourishing lotion has up to 800 mg of CBD, which makes it a highly effective pain management solution.

The Kush Queen family has hooked up Blunt Blowin’ Mama listeners with a 15% discount when you use BBM15 at checkout. Go get your CBD, sis!

The time to prioritize your wellness routine is now

There is no question that self-care is an essential part of the puzzle when it comes to our well being. Although, there is a belief that self-care is only for women, Kush Queen’s CBD products are gender inclusive with a full range of benefits.

Plus, Shonitria shares what happened when she sent her conversative, Christian and very Southern mom Kush Queen’s CBD Bath Bomb. (Spoiler alert: She used it!)

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