Shani and her husband own two erotic boutiques in the DMV area by the name of Harts Desires. Shani also owns and operates The Noir Leaf, a sensual CBD company. She was inspired to go to school for sex education after customers started coming to her with their personal sexual questions.

Wanting to answer them with accuracy, Shani attended school and became a certified sex educator. It wasn’t long before she realized the benefits of CBD for a person’s sexual and intimate lives. So, she decided to incorporate CBD into her sex education by proudly proclaiming herself to be a CBD Sexpert.

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Curious about trying new positions, or wondering how to get rid of those pre-sex nerves? Shani has the answers.

We don’t leave anything out in this conversation. Whether you are in a new relationship, or have been together for years, it is normal to want to try new things in the bedroom. Despite popular belief with the proper prepping and care (come through Noir Leaf CBD Pleasure Bundle!) your sexual adventures can be pain-free with the help of the right cannabis or hemp CBD products.

Sex can be a tricky thing to master. Not all lubes are created equally, and CBD products can be especially confusing to navigate. With this in mind, Shani’s lifework is to facilitate open dialogue about what it means to have healthy sex. She wants her clients to have their best sex ever, while keeping their wellness a priority.

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