What started as a casual habit morphed into a tool to treat her mental health and heal from trauma

Taylor is a mom originally from St. Louis, Missouri, but she currently lives in New Orleans, Louisiana (a prohibition state) with her partner and son. Taylor and her partner smoke together on a regular basis and cannabis consumption is an integral part of their relationship. Weed has also been a great tool to manage the emotional rollercoaster of traumatic birth recovery. But finding quality weed in a prohibition state can be challenging, fortunately this cannamom fell in love with her weed plug!

Taylor was not a cannabis consumer in high school, but she started toking it up the day after graduation. She says she took a big hit, but did not get stoned her first time smoking weed because she she didn’t inhale. (This is quite common — many folks don’t get high the first time they smoke weed.) It wasn’t long before Taylor started experimenting more with weed, and by the time she entered college she was a certified stoner :).

A traumatic birth followed by severe postpartum depression inspired Taylor to be more open about her cannabis use

When Taylor got pregnant, she had every intention of not consuming cannabis while she was carrying her baby. After experiencing constant bouts of nausea and fatigue, she changed her mind with the help of some coaxing from her partner. Weed not only helped her with the nausea, but it also gave her a bump of energy. She admits that without the support of her partner she would have continued suffering silently. This millennial cannamom has quite the birth story, too. Taylor had every intention of having a home birth with the assistance of a doula. Unfortunately, her plans were derailed after the pandemic hit.

She had to quarantine in Illinois, where she was visiting family. She quickly realized that she would have to give birth in Illinois instead of at home in Louisiana, which meant revising her birth plan and finding a new doula.

Her new doula did not provide the support or guidance that was initially promised. The negligence of the doula caused Taylor and her partner to abandon their home birth plan after she ended up in the hospital needing to have an emergency c-section. She gave birth to a healthy beautiful boy, and she says her first day back home after giving birth she smoked weed.

The first-time mama found great value in using weed to help manage her post-partum depression symptoms. She noticed how medicating with cananbis helped her to be more pleasant to be around, her appetite came back, and she was able to truly be present enough to enjoy her family and new baby.

She stresses the importance of new moms accepting help from family and friends

Her family’s support has been invaluable. A quick smoke break while a family member watches her baby helped her maintain her sanity as a new mom in a pandemic. Her advice for the modern mom is simple: Do whatever you need to find peace and be present with your children — in her case, cannabis has provided the emotional and mental wellness to help her find and maintain her happiness.

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