Josephine and Billie’s is the name of Whitney’s Los Angeles dispensary slated to open this year

As a Black woman, Whitney’s aware of the significance Josephine & Billie’s will have for the Black community. She’s a cannabis advocate and social equity applicant. BIPOC communities were the most devastated by the war on drugs, and in the legal cannabis market they’re the most underserved. She wants to change that with her BIWOC-centric Los Angeles dispensary. But Whitney didn’t always work in the cannabis industry or have ambitions to open a Los Angeles dispensary.

She worked for years as an LA entertainment executive. Her corporate career in the entertainment industry was lucrative but stressful. One day while at her desk she began to experience what she interpreted as a heart attack. Upon arrival to a hospital, she let the staff know her symptoms: accelerated heart rate, chest pain, and shortness of breath. She was informed by the hospital that she was experiencing anxiety rather than a medical emergency.

While relieved she wasn’t dying, Whitney was unsatisfied with the pharmaceutical treatment options for her anxiety. Things changed one day at a doctor appointment to adjust her prescription when her physician casually asked if she had tried cannabis to treat her anxiety. Next thing you know, Whitney was leaving her corporate career behind to start on her path to be a cannabis entrepreneur.

The Apothecarry case is a sleek stash box for the cannabis consumer desiring discretion and luxury

Whitney designed the Apothecarry Case after becoming a regular cannabis consumer. She quickly realized she didn’t want to store her weed in plastic baggies placed in a box underneath the bed. So, she created a luxury experience for the modern smoker with the Apothecarry Cases. In addition to the cases providing luxury storage for weed, it also has air tight storage, lock security and it’s a portable.

Homegirl didn’t stop at one cannabis business! She’s also the VP of the Supernova Woman 501C3, which works to inspire BIWOC to become stakeholders in the cannabis space, and the VP of Cannabis Equity Retailers Association (CERA), which brings together the 200 social equity retailers that have been named by the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) in Los Angeles. Lastly, she’s the founder of Josephine & Billie’s, which will pay homage to music legends Billie Holiday and Josephine Baker. It is the first Los Angeles dispensary focusing on BIWOC’s cannabis experience.

Whitney has a couple tips on balancing cannabis consumption and parenthood

Do you have questions about breastfeeding and cannabis? Are you seeking community among other cannamoms? Blunt Blowin’ Mama’s Breastfeeding and Cannabis workshop is for you :). It’s a virtual live event and a safe space for an intimate and honest conversation about the ins-and outs of being a mom who smokes weed and breastfeeds. There will be special guests and it’s all going down on Saturday, April 3 at 1 p.m. PT. Get your tickets here.

Both Whitney and Blunt Blowin’ Mama share the misconceptions folks have about moms working in the weed business. Spoiler alert: Despite popular belief, cannamoms are not stoned all the time! Check out the podcast episode below for tips and tricks when it comes to responsible weed consumption as a parent. Honestly, we can’t wait until Whitney’s Los Angeles dispensary opens this year — it sounds like a lady stoner paradise.

Interested in more advice for weed smoking moms? Check out a previous episode featuring Sandra “The Kush Nurse,” a registered nurse turned cannabis advocate.

Listen to the “Whitney will soon be one of the few licensed Black dispensary owners in LA” episode on the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast below! 

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