Deidra, Garen, and Candace are in a triad relationship

Deidra and Garen are married, they have two kids, and they reside in Northern California. They practice ethical non monogamy and are in a triad relationship with their partner Candace. Deidra and Garen own and operate Bliss Edibles and Extracts — the two have been in the cannabis industry for over 10 years. In addition to owning and operating their edibles business, Deidra is also the founder of a members-only social club that hosts weed retreats for women called Glowing Goddess Getaway.

When Deidra was pregnant with her first child she experienced serious anxiety

Deidra would smoke a little bit of weed, immediately feel relief, but massive guilt would follow. She admits a lack of access to resources and research about cannabis use during pregnancy was discouraging. However, with her second pregnancy she felt much more informed and consumed cannabis as needed throughout the pregnancy.

Deidra had a peaceful second pregnancy and birthed a healthy daughter. They don’t shy away from talking about cannabis in their home either. They make sure their kids know weed is just a plant.

Glowing Goddess Getaway is a sacred space for likeminded individuals who love weed

Since it’s 2016 inception, Glowing Goddess Getaway has grown into a vibrant community of incredible weed friends. Deidra met Candace at one of GGG’s weekend retreats. While they weren’t able to truly connect at the first event due to varying reasons but Candace volunteered at another Glowing Goddess Getaway later in Oregon.

Deidra and Candace became fast friends, who connected on a spiritual and romantic level. This spark led to Deidra and Garen having some (at times) very awkward conversations about the big emotions she was feeling for Candace. 

Thus the agreement to explore ethical non monogamy unfolded. Neither Candace nor Garen were super thrilled about the concept of “sharing” Deidra. So, Candace moved across the country from Tennessee to California, and they decided to create their own path to happiness.

There’s no guidebook on ethical non monogamy

Ultimately, a connection and romantic spark occurred between all three, and they decide to embark on a triad relationship. They explain that it takes time for three people to join their lives together but it’s a journey they want to go on together. They also share how they talked to their kids about their triad.

Join Blunt Blowin’ Mama in conversation as the three discuss what life has been like for them as a triad, the healing power of cannabis, and the type of communication and growth it takes to go on this journey together.

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Listen to “These partners’ are in a triad, and practice ethical non monogamy” episode on the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast: Couples Who Smoke Weed edition below! 

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