Bradley and Tom are transparent about their cannabis use, but make sure not to over consume

In this week’s episode of Blunt Blowin’ Mama we connect with Bradley King and his husband Tom. They both use cannabis, and they recently moved from Orange County, California, to Atlanta, Georgia. Join us as the couple gives insight on how they incorporate weed into their lifestyle. The canna parents also talk about the importance of de-stigmatizing using cannabis in parenthood.

Bradley King of the Cannabis Coach and his husband Tom King live in Georgia. They have been married for seven years.They share a son, five pets, and a fish. The couple both work from home, Bradley is a life coach and Tom is a graphic designer.

Bradley didn’t always have a healthy relationship with cannabis

As a young teen, Bradley experimented with weed and other recreational drugs, and, ultimately, he checked into a treatment center to work on his sobriety. Bradley met Tom on an online dating platform after achieving five years of sober living. Although, he wasn’t abusing substances Bradley still felt overwhelmed by his mental illnesses.

None of the programs discussed with him that he could possibly maintain sobriety using cannabis instead of pharmaceutical drugs, such as antidepressants, to manage mental illness. He shared his frustrations with Tom and decided he wanted to give microdosing weed a try. Once he was able to add weed to his arsenal of self care tools, Bradley noticed his mental wellness skyrocketed for the better.  

Weed has contributed to Bradley and Tom’s ability to have difficult conversations

Bradley admits that he can become overwhelmed when facing certain conflicts, and weed has enabled him to identify those feelings and maintain control even when things get stressful. As canna parents the couples’ favorite way to consume cannabis with each other is to wake and bake.

After they sesh, both are ready to tackle the day and be present while caring for their son. Bradley shares that smoking in the morning really sets a joyous tone for the rest of his day.

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Listen to this episode of Blunt Blowin’ Mama: Couples Who Smoke Weed edition below! 

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