Nicole met her fiance Mack in Chicago while in college and they immediately vibed

It’s a love story that unfolds like a movie. The engaged pair first met at a post office in Chicago, Illinois, while they were in college. They connected immediately, and later found themselves spending more and more time together. They dated for a while but broke up when Nicole decided that she wanted to move back home to Los Angeles, California. It wasn’t a dramatic, or angry breakup, Nicole just figured that it wasn’t their time. Fast forward a few years and they reconnected when Nicole was on a work assignment in San Francisco, California. Mack lived in the area so she reached out to see if he wanted to grab some dinner. They met up for tacos and the chemistry picked up as if it never stopped, no awkwardness, just laughs and great energy. Even after all of the years apart, they still had so much fun together.

They both enjoy the way cannabis makes them feel

Both Nicole and Mack prefer to consume cannabis over drinking alcohol. When it comes to weed and their sex life using cannabis before and after sex encourages the couple to slow down and really enjoy each other. It’s easy to tell that being present in their relationship is deeply important to both Nicole and Mack. One of their favorite activities is to smoke a joint while they walk to the beach. To keep their love vibrant and healthy, the couple have a rule of leaving their phones out of the bedroom, this shared agreement has enabled them to re-center and focus on each other uninterrupted. Neither Nicole or Mack use cannabis when they are mid-argument or during disagreements with each other. The shared feeling is that the weed is a sort of reward for working things out, but they both agree it can rude to get high while attempting to resolve conflict with your partner.

Nicole and Mack are a match made in heaven. They work hard to maintain open communication and to be vulnerable, this thoughtful approach to relationship cultivation is the perfect recipe for a long lasting partnership, the weed is just a bonus! They recently got engaged, and they share how cannabis has really helped them with a planning a wedding in a pandemic. The couple also shares how they have been exploring other ways to consume cannabis outside of smoking it. They have been dabbling a lot with edibles, which they have had fun exploring together.

Speaking of edibles, Elise McDonough is the edibles expert you need to hear from if you want to know about more about it than just weed brownies because edibles are so much more.

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