The Ramirez’s are successful business owners, and they communicate freely about the cannabis plant with their two kids

MsKindness is a master educator, author, and entrepreneur. Her husband Aaron is a licensed massage therapist and body worker. Together they have two children, and live in Pomona, California. This power couple is not shy about their love for the cannabis plant. They are big proponents of decreasing the stigma associated with the cannabis consumption and regularly have discussions with people about how they incorporate the cannabis plant into their daily lives. When it comes to talking about weed with their kids, MsKindness encourages them both to ask questions. As parents, the two have laid out ground rules and boundaries when it comes to plant medicine. MsKindness and Aaron have worked hard to bridge the gap and encourage others to have these conversations with their kids as well.

These two aren’t the only couple who shares how to discuss the cannabis plant with kids. Marlena and Noah have a hemp farm in Vermont and their two kids probably know more about CBD than the average adult.

As a married couple MsKindness and Aaron are always evolving and deepening their connection

MsKindness and Aaron Ramirez smoke weed together. They are firm believers in being honest with their kids about the cannabis plant and their cannabis consumption.

The couple met through a mutual friend. Aaron was attracted to MsKindness’ magnetic energy, and it wasn’t long before they started dating. Fast forward more than a decade and it’s clear the love is still as strong as ever. Both MsKindness and Aaron are firm believers in the power of plant medicine. They regularly consume the cannabis plant via tinctures, edibles, topicals, and joints. The couple often sets intentions when they are consuming cannabis. When it comes to intimacy they are very open to new ways to integrate weed into their routine and have experimented with suppositories. Aaron’s speciality is using his body work skills to give MsKindness CBD massages (which she highly recommends to anyone who loves massages) and these are just a few of the ways the couple stays connected with the help of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis can be a great tool for any couple in the bedroom. Tiffany and Corey are another couple who can attest to the power of cannabis consumption and sex.

MsKindness and her husband Aaron are experts in their fields

The couple has worked incredible hard in their respective careers to pioneer the way for other BIPOC to live out loud regarding their love for the cannabis plant. They are proof that through hard work and determination you can forge a path and build a life doing what you love.

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